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Performance Motor Oil 10W/40
From a recognized leader of 100% pure synthetic performance motor oil with over 50 years of experience and development. Fortified with extra zinc and phosphorous creating a heavy duty film strength and load carrying capacity necessary for both flat tappet and roller cams. 4StreetRod™ performance motor oil improves gas mileage and is excellent as a break in lubricant.

Engine builders prefer and recommend this product for hi-performance
driving on street and strip. During the initial start-up after periods of storage, 4StreetRod™ provides a protective film of lubrication and prevents metal to metal contact between all internal engine parts.       

  • Provides protective lubricating film to prevent metal to metal contact
  • Improves sealing between piston ring and cylinder wall to maximize engine performance
  • Superb break-in lubricant
  • Enhances fuel economy
  • Formulated and designed for hi-performance sports car, exotics, and vehicles with four wheel drive

Technical Specifications  

Retail price

$18.99 / Quart

For more information please feel free to contact us at info@klotzcanada.ca

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