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Harley KH-140
Transmission Lubricant 75W/140
Klotz American V-Twin Synthetic TechniPlate® Hypoid Transmission Lubricant is
custom formulated for the Harley Davidson® Big Twin Models. Meets and
exceeds all warranty requirements for Harley Davidson® engines. Protects against wear and lowers transmission temperatures. 100% synthetic Hypoid transmission lubricant offers improved thermal stability and contains extreme pressure lubricity systems to withstand shearing stress. Klotz Transmission Lube will challenge and outrun the competition in the following ways:

- Smoother, quieter shifting
- TechniPlate® Lubrication System reduces driveline friction
- Resists shock loading and galling
- Extreme load carrying capacity for extended bearing and gear life
- Reduces gear temperatures, protects against wear and quiets gear noise

Technical Specifications                 

Retail price

$26.99 / Quart

For more information please feel free to contact us at info@klotzcanada.ca

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