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Klotz Lube was established over 50 years ago and is known for products that deliver performance. 

Klotz high performance products are now available through Klotz Canada. Products can be shipped to you directly if there are no dealers in your area.

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Featured Products
Hitrate Racing Gasoline Concentrate 
Klotz® HiTRATE Racing Gasoline Concentrate is designed for use in all racing engine applications. Klotz racing technology converts hi-test pump gasoline into Hight Octane Racing Gasoline. High octane gasoline allows the use of higher compression ratios and advanced timing, which builds more horsepower.
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Octane Booster
Klotz® Octane Booster is a concentrated tetraethyl lead substitute formulated to increase the octane rating of gasoline up to 10 numbers or more. Helps eliminate engine damaging detonation, spark knock, pre-ignition, and pinging from low octane gasoline. Octane Booster modifies the burn speed and flash point of gasoline to create a stable combustion chamber flame front, maximizing performance and power. Stabilizes oxygenated gasoline to prevent lean-out conditions. Klotz® Octane Booster provides needed upper-cylinder lubrication that is missing in unleaded gasoline.
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Klotz Canada proudly supports local racers and Canadian racing. We sponsor the Southern Ontario Sprints, the OSCAAR Super Late Models and Flat Track Canada.



Proud Sponsor of:
#22 Glenn Watson - OSCAAR
#9 Brandon Watson - OSCAAR
#91 Mike Westwood - OSCAAR
#49 Brodie Buchan
#73 Doug Lawrence - AMA Grand National
#16 Rob Kimball - ACT Pro Late Models
#10 Mitch Brown - Sprint Car
#57 Charlie Sandercock - Late Model
#30 Adam West - Sprint Car
#20 Jodi Christie - Cdn. Superbike
#511 Jamie McPhail - CSRA
Pro PCW Racer Rob Vlcko
Mackenzie & Joshua Weil
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